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    Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
    6:20 pm
    Blogs on

    We have moved our official blog to
    So it's possible to comment our new features and possibilies rightly on site..

    Thursday, January 25th, 2007
    1:23 am
    Users catalog..

    Now people can get know about each other, using catalog of users of CodeIDE.
    So, you can read blog posts, make search in them, 
    look for some files and find a friend by interesting programming language there.

    Saturday, January 20th, 2007
    3:38 am
    Updated Authorization, Registration and Public Chat
    We updated Authorization working, 
    Added a NickName field to registration, 
    The last one is needed to have pages like
    Where "nick" is a nickname of the user.
    Every user can have own blog, share programs and run it's own programs from "www" folder as programs via HTTP..
    CGI support for few languages will be added soon
    For testing chat functions and to help community to talk we added Public Chat that is enabled not only to registred users, but for anonymous also..
    Friday, December 22nd, 2006
    7:07 pm
    CodeIDE now supports HTML is ready to anounce that we have support of HTML now..
    CSS is in the order.. :)

    Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
    12:29 am
    Perl Support Added :)

    We added support of Perl language to CodeIDE.
    Now all functionality of perl (except some functions) is added.
    Filesystem working is based on filesystem of user.. So, you can do everything with files in your account and you will see changes online.. :)
    Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
    2:25 pm
    User helped to find a Slogan..
    We thought about the slogan for us for a while..
    But this was a surprise, when we found about the thing, we thought about, at
    Digg's user named Grork did this for us :)
    So, from now our slogan is " - Build Code in Your Web Browser".
    Many thanks to You!
    Unfortunately, there is no contact info about this user there, so we can just say "Thank You" here.. 


    Monday, December 4th, 2006
    10:01 am
    BIG Thanks, Emily..

    We want to thanks to Emily Chang, that helped our project to start by posting info about CodeIDE in her eHUB project,.. 
    This was made here:
    This post let people around the world to know about the project.
    The wave of posts on different blogs,sites, etc.. was started by Emily.
    We are very appreciated that she did it, this really helped a lot :)

    Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
    8:36 am
    Discussion started,.. forum works.. :)

    Hello, All!

    This is possible to discuss different thing around project, programming techniques, etc.. at our Forum:
    So, This forum has few topics:

    General Discussion - talk about things that can't be discussed in other topics :)
    Support- Questions like HOWTO, etc..
    Basic, C/C++, Pascal, Javascript - discussion programming in this languages..
    Bugs - Bugs that you found at
    Ideas - Your suggestions and ideas about improving CodeIDE

    We hope that, topics we opened - is enought,.. if not - post to Ideas ;)

    Friday, December 1st, 2006
    10:30 am - Build Code in Your Web Browser... Launched!!

    Hello, All! is ready to anounce about starting!

    This system will help in starting programming in different programming languages.
    To start programming, you're nly needed to visit, write your program and press "RUN"

    Well, the supported products already includes: Basic (not Visual, but Classic, and it’s developing is finished on 95%), Javascript (finished 90%), Pascal (10% finished), C/C++(5% finished), Perl(started development), Assembler(under development).

    Waiting for developing Languages: Java, Python,

    Our system on this moment has two user types: anonymous (you’re login in as anonymous by default when entering and was not visiting it earlier) and registred users.

    Registred users has more features then anonymous have. First of all – the time of running programs,.. Anonymous users have only a half of time that Registred for one program running.

    Registred visitors have ability to save files on the server, chat communication, publishing to wiki, etc.. 

    Also, I want to suggest to run some programs from wiki - this will allow to see functionality of this service.. For example, from Graph sub-category of User Examples in Basic programming language directory:

    Few circles with same center example

     for i = 1 to 10
    circle (150,100), i*10
    next i

    Simple sinusoid program

    line (0,50)-(0,50)
    for i=0 to 720 step 10
    line -(i,s)
    next i
    line (0,50)-(730,50)

    Waiting for your comments!

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